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Kessler Second Shooter Plus Moton Control
Kessler Second Shooter Plus

Second Shooter Plus is a rock-solid, high-performance and refined motion control system that packs tons of features into a system that is incredibly easy to operate, sets up in minutes and can travel in-the-field just as easily as deployed in a studio, with minimal weight and footprint.


Perfect for time-lapse, stop motion, live video, advanced photography, interviews, VFX and much more, Second Shooter Plus is synonymous with versatility, providing a wide array of production tools within one system. Users have the ability to control Second Shooter Plus with its included controller, for fast and intricate motion control movement or via kOS, the greatest motion control software in its class that expands Second Shooter Plus into a production powerhouse.


Second Shooter Plus is by far the best camera motion control system in the market today that combines affordability and performance like no other. 


The Second Shooter Plus Bundle - Complete includes everything we would suggest for users looking at a complete 3-axis Second Shooter Plus kit, including: case, 2 x MagPak batteries and charger, Controller, Slider Motor, Pan & Tilt Head, camera control cables, AC Power and DC barrel to barrel cable, Slider Motor Mount, micro USB cable for firmware updates and the necessary Cat5 cables for connecting the Controller and Motors.

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